Be Your Own Boss (B.Y.O.B.)

During these current economic uncertainties, many have been laid off from their jobs or in some cases, are reluctant to return to work where they are interacting with their colleagues as well as the general public as required.

SWIM’s Be Your Own Boss (B.Y.O.B.) program captures the entrepreneurial spirit that we believe exists in everyone. The SWIM Team helps our participants discover their true talents, develop the skills necessary to implement those talents into sustainable and rewarding businesses.  Not only will participants learn how to successfully run their own business but along the way they will develop the skill of self-accountability, a key component of being a successful entrepreneur. 

The SWIM Team will work in collaboration with Conquer Entrepreneur Academy to develop the (B.Y.O.B.) program and provide an online curriculum with general courses in reading and developing financial statements, corporate structures, the importance of a logo in branding, and establishing the company’s social media network to leverage into building their individual client/customer base.  

The (B.Y.O.B.) program will be provided free of charge to our constituents who meet the minimum requirements of eligibility. These requirements will be listed upon registration into the program. For those who do not meet these minimal requirements, a small registration fee will be applicable.

Check back on this space for updates for the debut date of (B.Y.O.B) on this website.

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