Saving Our Seniors

There has been a distress call from seniors that has largely gone unanswered. Like the homeless, seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S., especially during the time of Covid 19. The S.O.S. program features the following principal components:

1. Free maintenance on seniors’ homes such as general repairs to the home, painting, etc.;
2. Virtual Reality Therapeutic Escapes;
3. Pop up visits to nursing homes and seniors who still live in their home;
4. Educate seniors on all the services available under their health plan as well as free services in their communities;
5. Coordinate a hot meal program to deliver to seniors in their homes;
6. Nutrition tips (See Nutrition 101 under the Education tab for more information);

Senior Technology Assistance Response

Provides classes for Seniors to engage in everyday technology needs ( text, FaceTime, photos, attachments, searches,etc.) for daily computer/phone needs to engage with family and the community.

In conjunction with the R.O.S.E. Ministry

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