The therapeutic benefits of observing beautiful sights and things are boundless as exhibited by the photo to the left of the Northern Lights in Alaska. Studies show that exposure to images of nature as well as actual nature, enhance healing and resilience. Lightheartedness helps you cope. Sometimes we need to just float, while seemingly superficial engagements can have profound implications. Your unique distractions may offer clues about your needs. Pleasure is a need. SWIM addresses the pleasure we receive from experiencing and observing beautiful things by providing outdoor excursions for underserved youths that they normally would not have the opportunity to experience. For example, trips to horse ranches, the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, Niagara Falls and a host of other therapeutic locations.

Under our Save Our Seniors (S.O.S.) program, SWIM volunteers go to nursing homes and other senior facilities to provide company for seniors and the experience of Virtual Reality (VR) escapes. These VR escapes involve seniors relaxing in recliners with SWIM’s VR goggles on while viewing scenic escapes. These escapes have been filmed by SWIM of therapeutic landscapes such as beaches, mountains, woods, etc.

These visits and attention mean the world to seniors who are too frail to visit these locations in person. It also helps seniors to have visitors who will sit and just talk to them. These visits will also be available for seniors who are still in their homes living alone. As with all SWIM events, they will not be scheduled until shelter-in-place orders in California have been lifted fully. Please check back here for periodic updates.