SWIM Programs

SWIM’s programs are based on harmony between the physical body and the mind. We believe that individuals’ environment has a major effect on their overall wellbeing. Following is a description of SWIM’s programs.

Mind and Body Connection

The Mind and Body Connection is the set of mechanisms through which one's thoughts....

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ACEs Low – Resilience High

SWIM’s program to address ACEs and TSS is called ACEs Low, Resilience High. SWIM’s.....

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Stop Homelessness Now

The homeless represent the most vulnerable portion of Americans living in poverty....

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A Bridge to Success for Emancipating Foster Care Youth

When children in foster care turn 18, they are, for the most part, on their own, no longer .....

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Save Our Seniors (SOS)

There has been a distress call from seniors that has largely gone unanswered............

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